21.12.2019 (Sa)

Where: Monasteries
Český Krumlov
GPS: 48°48'48.31"N, 14°19'3.94"E

11.00 – 17-00 FAIRYTALE MARKET AND CRAFTS ON THE MONASTERY COURTYARD Advent-themed monastery market just like in fairy tales, open-door handicraft workshops and activities for the young and old! Join us on every advent Saturday for traditional monastery workshops and try new activities. You and your loved ones can try to pour tin at the blacksmiths´, make and decorate ornaments at the potter´s, at the bag maker´s, at the glass blower´s or at the painter´s. You can also buy ready-made products from the artisanal workshops. Pay by Monastery coins, exchange rate: 1 coin = 10 CZK. 11.00 – 17.00 BAKING IN THE MONASTERY BAKERY The pleasant smell in the Artisanal Lane will guide you into our bakery workshop every advent Saturday where you can taste popular monastery cakes or try to bake the traditional Christmas pastries. 17.00 and 18.00 GUIDED ADVENT TOURS OF THE MINORITE MONASTERY Come and savour the unique candle-lit monastery atmosphere. Relax from the pre-Christmas hustle at the former Minorite monastery. Enjoy the view of festive Krumlov from an unusual perspective of the corridor joining the 2 monasteries. Tours are available every advent Saturday and commence at 17.00 and 18.00 hours. Limited capacity, entry fee 150 CZK, reservations available at the Visitor center. 11.00 – 17.00 ADVENT MENAGERIE AT THE MONASTERY COURTYARD Monasteries Český Krumlov and the Pepíno v Pyramidě leisure center will present a pen with live animals directly at the monastery courtyard. You can see sheep, rabbits, hens, ducks and pony rides. Monastery courtyard, free entry (fee applies to pony rides, pay in Monastery coins, exchange rate: 1 coin = 10 CZK). 11.00 – 17.00 GIFT MAKING FOR KIDS AND ADULTS Join us to make your own candles, soaps, decorations from beads, beeswax products, Christmas postcards and various presents for your friends and family. Place: Large hall and seminary rooms, free entry, Monastery coins to be used as payment for products (exchange rate: 1 coin = 10 CZK) 17.00 CHILDRENS THEATRE: ČESKOKRUMLOVSKÁ SCÉNA – MY FRIEND, I LONG TO SEE HIM THIS CHRISTMAS A PLAY ABOUT THE LIFE OF ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI, A CHRISTMAS TALE A small story about a large life of St. Francis of Assisi telling the origins of the tradition of displaying the nativity scenes. You will learn in a playful form that St. Francis managed to fulfill his dream towards the end of his life with the help of his friends and brothers. Little did he know that this launched a worldwide cultural tradition. The construction of nativity scenes is not a well-known legacy of this saint. Our story seeks to spread the word on this. The screenplay and direction is by Jaromír Hruška. Taking place at SUPŠ of St. Agnes – Refectory, entry 50 CZK. Advance bookings available at the Visitor center.

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